Snijder Bioscience offers consulting and research services on an hourly or project basis. Fill in the contact form on the website to schedule a free introductory consult and get information about rates and fees.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Biomolecular mass spectrometry
  • Cryo electron microscopy
  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Biologics characterization
  • Virus structure and assembly
  • Protein post-translational modifications
  • Cyanobacterial circadian biology


Based on extensive hands-on research experience, Snijder Bioscience helps you explore and set up new lines of bioanalytical work. In close collaboration with clients, Snijder Bioscience will assist at every step of the research pipeline:

  • Formulating research questions
  • Experimental design
  • Sample preparation
  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis and reporting

Snijder Bioscience will help you adopt state-of-the-art bioanalytical methods in your research. Examples of experiments include:

  • Proteomics-based LC-MS/MS workflows for protein identification, mapping protein-protein interactions, biologics characterization etc.
  • MS analysis of N-linked glycosylation and other post-translational modifications
  • Single-particle cryo electron microscopy for high-resolution structure determination
  • Native MS analysis of proteins and protein complexes
  • HDX-MS of proteins and protein complexes to monitor structural dynamics and protein-protein, protein-ligand interactions
  • Cross-linking MS for protein complex characterization
  • Single molecule biophysical characterization of nanoparticles by atomic force microscopy

Scientific Literature

Snijder Bioscience can help you survey the published scientific record on a wide variety of topics, by performing comprehensive literature review, in-depth analysis of selected studies or to compile reading material for training purposes.

Seminars and Training

Snijder Bioscience can arrange custom training on topics and techniques described above. Joost Snijder is also available for seminars and lectures on mass spectrometry, cryo electron microscopy, virus structure and assembly, and biological timekeeping. Contact for more information.